We bring the missing link to your drum restoration project!

The story is simple, and quite common amongst drummers throughout the universe. If you are one of us, you know we are a special breed, who not only play drums, but think drums, dream about drums, and are often fortunate enough to grab a vintage kit to restore.

There are a lot of tricks to the trade of drum restoration, all of which can be found on a great number of very popular and very knowledgeable web sites. But it all boils down to two things: how they sound, and the finished appearance. A lot of help is available with the "how they sound" section on these sites, but the appearance is another thing. You can remove the rust from the rims, you can re-cut the bearing edges , you can rewrap the shells, but what about that sought-after badge surrounding the vent hole? Those are hard, if not impossible to find, and that seems to be the one missing ingredient to any restoration project.

I combined my family's printing background along with my drumming background, and have created an extremely low cost solution to the missing ingredient!